How to Hide Fields on the Individual Job Pages

This guide will walk you through the process of hiding fields on individual job pages.

LimeStaff currently offers four fields as metadata before the job description:

Job Type

These options can be individually configured to be shown or hidden as needed.

Hide fields in Elementor

  1. Navigate to edit the page with either Elementor or Bricks.
  2. Use the navigator or click on the widget to open the sidebar.
  3. In the content tab of the sidebar, you’ll find the “View Settings” section, which includes a toggle for field display.
  4. Toggle the fields on or off as required.

Hide fields via Shortcode

When adding a job feed via shortcode, the fields shown are controlled with arguments.

Accepted fields arguments

Argument Accepts Usage
view_company yes/no Display company
view_salary yes/no Display company
view_job_type yes/no Display company

This is what a shortcode might look like with a few arguments 👇

[jobs view_company=yes view_salary=no view_job_type=yes]